Veracruz has a reputation as a town with a rich history but little to show for it. True enough, because much of that rich history involved sackings by pirates, heavy bombardment by three different foreign powers (including during the wonderfully named French Pastry War), and epidemics of malaria, yellow fever, and cholera.

One might not necessarily want to preserve such a history, even when those same events didn't destroy artifacts. For this reason, and for the character of the natives, Veracruz (unlike Puebla) is better suited to cafe goers than museum goers. With the exception of the old fort of San Juan de Ulúa and perhaps the aquarium, the museums can be missed. You come here for the feel of the tropics, the balmy air, and the carefree attitude of the locals.

At a Glance

Veracruz at a glance

Veracruz brings to mind other Gulf and Caribbean port cities part New Orleans, part Maracaibo. Enjoy a coffee in the morning at the Café de la Parroquia, and stroll down the malecón (boardwalk) in the evening, then take in the party scene at the zócalo (town square) at night.

Fast Facts

Veracruz Fast Facts

The social center of Veracruz is the zócalo, or town square (formally Plaza de Armas), where you'll find the tourism office. Starting at the malecón and running south along the coast is Bulevar Avila Camacho, known as el bulevar. It connects downtown to Veracruz's hotel and restaurant zone.


Veracruz Activities

There are many Veracruz's attractions to make your vacation a fun adventure, featuring many interesting museums, a modern aquarium, an amazing zoo and an ecological park.  It is also suggested that you visit the neighboring archaeological sites and towns for a more diverse cultural experience.

Special Events

Veracruz Special Events

The celebration of Veracruz Carnival started during the Colonial period, in 1866, when this celebration was only for religious purposes. Since 1925, the aim of the Carnival is to raise funds for charitable causes, and it has now become well known as a big and colorful party full of music, good mood and excessive fun.

Fun and Nature

Veracruz Fun and Nature

From spectacular rapids and dense rainforest where rafting, canopy, rappel, hiking and gotcha are practiced, to state of the art ecological tourist facilities, The Port of Veracruz, Jalcomulco is one hour northeast and Actopan is one hour north. Come and enjoy the beautiful Veracruz sightseeing!


Veracruz Restaurants

Veracruz’s cuisine shares the rest of Mexico the Native American presence in most of its dishes, but the Mediterranean and African influences are more evident here than anywhere else in the country; therefore Veracruz restaurants have a delightful mixture of flavours for you to enjoy.


Veracruz Nightlife

In Veracruz, nightlife is a celebration that starts elegantly at the rhythm of the passionate “danzon”. Music is played by live bands at the squares under the cool Port’s nights. Even when the party ambience in Vercruz reaches its peak around the carnival days and nightlife is so much fun year round!


Veracruz Shopping

A stroll through the streets of Veracruz downtown could end up being an interesting shopping adventure. Whether it is souvenirs or beautiful everyday use objects, shops at the Mercado Hidalgo, Mercado Orizaba and Plaza Acuario have a great variety of products and most of them made in Veracruz’s vicinity.