The city of Queretaro is a treasure expecting to be discovered. Beneath its sober cheerfulness and behind the natural charm of its landscape, this city offers monumental jewels of the interesting and glorious history of Mexico .

Besides its cultural ambiance full of legends and traditions, the lively city of Queretaro features plenty of attractions for all those who enjoy dancing, listening to music and delighting in the delicious regional gastronomy. You will experience unforgettable moments on its famous "callejoneadas" (street parades), packed with musical student bands and groups of strolling minstrels.

At a Glance

Queretaro at a glance

Queretaro combines the past with the present, creating an incomparable mixture of history, culture and tradition. The fascinating monuments and wonderful museums stand out among the modern architecture of the theater and the largeness of the Corregidora Stadium. The city has been declared as Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.

Art and Humanity

Queretaro art and humanity

This colonial city offers a lot of cultural attractions as well as the opportunity of carrying out different activities surrounded by nature; for example, you can visit the archeological ruins or just take pleasure on the different natural beauties. In Queretaro , every single day you will find a new thing to discover or a fun activity to practice.


Queretaro Activities

A typical Queretaro cavalcade is a four day journey that departs from the heart of the Sierra Gorda (mountain range) until getting to the city of Queretaro , passing by several of the existent microclimates in the state, such as: the forest, the subtropical jungle and especially the desert. 


Queretaro Restaurants

Queretaro cuisine is strongly related to civic festivities, religious traditions, harvest times, Santa Cruz (Patron Saint) celebration, the Holy Week and the Day of the Dead. Some of the typical dishes served are: chickpea with saffron and color tortillas, fried tortillas in the "arriero" style.


Queretaro Nightlife

The traditional celebrations in Queretaro make its nights livelier thanks to the dances, processions, local music, fireworks, masses and offerings. The most representative festivities are the ones celebrated in honor to Saint Sebastian and Candelaria, in the Santa Catarina and Santa Rosa neighborhoods, amongst others.


Queretaro Shopping

Thanks to Queretaro's indigenous ascendancy, you will find in this city a wide range of crafts of unique style, such as: beautiful costumes made of blanket textiles, wool and linen, knapsacks, embroidered clothing and woven fabric.You will find gorgeous tablecloths knitted under the lace trimming technique, a unique regional style.