Monterrey is a synonym for industry, modernity and progress, without losing its Mexican spirit and traditions. Thanks to its business friendly atmosphere, in Monterrey has flourished an impressive hotel infrastructure, a great number of restaurants were opened, and the most modern conventions, business and exhibitions center in Latin America was created. However, the pleasure travelers that come for Monterrey vacations will be greatly pleased by the wide assortment of cultural and tourist attractions, as well as entertainment venues that the third most important city in Mexico offers.

At a Glance

Monterrey at a glance

Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, is located in the northeast of Mexico and it is the country's third largest city. Known as the city of the mountains, is situated in the oriental side of the Sierra Madre mountains, where the famous Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Hill).

Attractions and Nature

Monterrey Attractions

Monterrey and its surrounding areas are rich in natural, as well as cultural, attractions. The visitor will find spectacular Monterrey attractions as ecological parks, fabulous waterfalls and canyons; along with history and arts museums and even a planetarium that must be part of a Monterrey sightseeing. 

Art and Humanity

Monterrey Art

Museums are an important part of Monterrey sightseeing. Particularly one known by its acronym, MARCO, which is located in downtown, facing the Macro Plaza and it is integrated to the landscape. There are also a lot of other important buildings such as the Cathedral and the Town Hall and more in this area.


Monterrey Restaurants

Monterrey restaurants' specialty is the Cabrito al Pastor, which is kid goat cooked slowly over mesquite coals, that gives it that special smoked taste. The tender arrachera beef is also typical of this region and it is an excellent alternative to the traditional meat cuts. Great food is a major benefit that this city has to offer to it’s visitors.


Monterrey nightlife's most popular attraction is the authentic grupera music. This lilting rhythm is typical of the north of the country and the Latin communities in the United States, and has a lot of fans. It is enjoyed by many in the discotheques and nightclubs where people dance and listen to live shows.


Monterrey Shopping

You will find different Monterrey shops with all kinds of samples of folkloric art, silver, wood, blown glass, pottery items, and embroideries, clay lamps and huichol art, which are some of the objects that you can acquire. There is also an outstanding variety and abundance of leather products available as well.