La Paz

La Paz Baja California

La Paz is a town located by the bay of the same name in the eastern part of the south of Baja, in Mexico. Since 12 thousand years ago, the human being has occupied the land of California, in the beginning by nomadic groups that subsisted thanks to fishing, hunting and seed harvesting.

As a proof of the ancient presence of these groups, sings and traces have been found such as cave paintings, which are protected now as humankind heritage. Currently, the city of La Paz , offers its visitors beautiful beaches, interesting colonial architecture and nice landscapes, all this along with the warmth and hospitality of its people. In La Paz vacations you can't miss all this gorgeous attractions.

At a Glance

La Paz at a glance

The city of La Paz , offers its visitors beautiful beaches, interesting colonial architecture and beautiful landscapes. Combined with the warmth and hospitality of its people, La Paz vacations are a wonderful experience with a lot of gorgeous attractions, not to be missed!

Fast Facts

La Paz Fast Facts

Located  approximately 176km (110 miles) North of Cabo San Lucas; La Paz's most accessible visitor information office is on Alvaro Obregón across from the intersection of Calle 16 de Septembre and has the extremely helpful staff that speaks English.

Activities and Nature

La Paz Activities

There are many activities to explore such as sportfishing, snorkeling, kayaking and well as diving which La Paz is famous for. There are lots of animals and botanic species typical of this desert region that cannot be admired anywhere else in the world. One of the main attractions in La Paz is also the beautiful cathedral.


One of La Paz's main attractions are its beaches, with all of them boasting beautiful white, soft sand. If you want to sunbathe you'll wan to check out the beaches located on the road to Pichilingue, near La Paz’s commercial dock and ferry terminal. Puerto Balandra is a saltwater lagoon boasting bays with amazing beaches!


La Paz Restaurants

La Paz offers a wide variety of dining and after dinner experiences with every style of gastronomy imaginable ranging from traditional Mexican to Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Swiss, French and so much more...  Dining in La Paz will surely satisfy even the most demanding palate.


La Paz Nightlife

No matter how old you are or what your favorite music genre is, La Paz nightlife has always a perfect bar for you. After hours there are many different clubs, cafes and bars that cater to a wide range of tastes from Latin Rock to Jazz to a quiet romantic feel on the malecon.


Diving in La Paz is a wonderous adventure! One of the most popular places for diving is the Suwanee Reef, ideal for beginners. Here you can explore a ferry which sunk in 1976 that serves as home to a wide animal diversity in the depths of the ocean.


Shopping in La Paz is fun and historical with many options for you to buy regional handicrafts. You can find fishing and diving specialized stores, famous designer boutiques, Mexican and European footwear, rustic Mexican or modern Italian furniture.