Over the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Caribbean Ocean, you will find a romantic island where relaxation, tranquility and getting in touch with nature are the main activities and priority number one.

Enjoy a walk by the white sand shores while taking in the beautiful colors painted on the sky by the sunset, close your eyes and feel the fresh breeze caressing your face, take a journey through Yalahau lagoon where you will find hundreds of flamingos, swim with the whale shark and let yourself be amazed by the exotic marine fauna; everything in the same place: Holbox.

At a Glance

Holbox at a glance

Isla Holbox is located northwest of Cancun, Mexico, and is a small island measuring just 26 miles (or 42 km) long. The only thing separating Holbox from the mainland coast of Mexico is a  shallow lagoon. Take in the beauty of this enigmatic island!

Fast Facts

Holbox Fast Facts

Most of the people of Holbox Island make their living fishing and the streets of Holbox Island are made of white sand, common of Caribbean islands. There are very few cars and most travel by golf cart mainly, around the island. Fast, fun facts about Isla Holbox.


Holbox Activities

There are endless activities for all those nature and adventure lovers in Holbox.  The most popular activity is swimming with the Whale Sharks, as Holbox is considered to be one of the best locations to admire these animals, gathering the biggest number of whale sharks in the world.


Holbox Nightlife

The main square is the central point for the nightlife in Holbox. Here, you will find several restaurant bars that serve delicious regional culinary creations and a wide assortment of cocktails, along with a couple of nightclubs, where you can enjoy the live rhythms of local bands and the hippest DJs' music.


Holbox Restaurants

On this charming island you will find several Holbox restaurants with first class service and a lively atmosphere. Holbox gastronomy includes a terrific ambiance that runs from Mexican to International with fresh seafood and fish as the main ingredients for a wide variety of tasty dishes. 


Holbox Shopping

Holbox shopping is charming and if you are looking for beautiful hammocks, colorful fabrics, traditional items, handicrafts, hats, silver items and countless typical Mexican ornamental products.The small Holbox shops on the Main Square carry a variety of trinkets and items for your shopping.