Aguascalientes has an array of distinctive attractions that make it a great city to visit and to live in. For its people, peace and stability are priorities. The production dynamic and the fast growing, the work culture and the ability to transcend, have turned this into a society that achieves what it wants to; with the passing of time, this city has gone through many different transformations, but it has always dominated the adversities thanks to its people, since their joined efforts have made their city show a new face in which traditions are perfectly combined with the rhythm of modernity.

At a Glance

Aguascalientes Main Plaza

Aguascalientes is a small state that will soon have a million inhabitants. Among them, important immigrant groups are counted, some different states of the republic, or Mexico City, while others are from the United States, Canada or Japan. Explore the diverse restaurants and activities available to you.


The city of Aguascalientes has a life with true quality where you can breathe history and culture in every corner. Its historic center catches the eye with the distinctive green and yellow colors of the quarry which can be appreciated on the fa├žades of the gorgeous buildings.


Aguascalientes Shopping

In Aguascalientes you will find from the most fashionable stores to the most traditional stands. At the very heart of the historic center, on the side of the City Hall, you will find a mall in which the only Jewelry Center of the region is located, as well as the Shoe Center with producers from Leon and Guadalajara.


Aguascalientes Nightlife

Most of Aguascalientes nightclubs come alive by 11 p.m. that is why it's best to start the party with a drink and a nice chat at any bar of the city, enjoy some live music or maybe some ambience music, to get in the right mood before starting the fun trip to the clubs of Aguascalientes.