Acapulco view

I like to think of Acapulco as a diva maybe a little past her prime, perhaps overly made up, but still capable of captivating an audience. It's tempting to dismiss Acapulco as a passé resort, but the town's temptations are hard to resist.

Where else do bronzed men dive from cliffs into the sea at sunset, and where else does the sun shine 360 days a year? Though most beach resorts are made for relaxing, Acapulco has nonstop, 24 hours a day energy. Its perfectly sculpted bay is an adult playground filled with water-skiers in tanga swimsuits and darkly tanned, mirror-shaded studs on jet skis. Visitors play golf and tennis with intensity, but the real sport is the Acapulco nightlife, which has made this city famous for decades. Back in the days when there was a jet set, they came to Acapulco filmed it, sang about it, wrote about it, and lived it.

At a Glance

Acapulco at a glance

Acapulco tries hard to hold on to its image as the ultimate extravagant party town. It's still the top choice for those who want to have dinner at midnight, dance until dawn, and sleep all day on a sun soaked beach.

Fast Facts

Acapulco Fast Facts

Acapulco is one of Mexico’s oldest and most well-known beach resort locations and is still famous for its nightlife attracting many vacationers, although most are now from Mexico itself.


Acapulco Activities

There is much to do in this vibrant city including activities such as museums and water parks...all the way to the observance of death defying cliff divers and dolphin shows. Don't forget to explore the vibrant Nightlife that awaits!


Acapulco Restaurants

There are many lovely restaurants in  Acapulco to dine at which offer great settings from romantic to casual, with very reasonable prices. Many of the better Acapulco restaurants are located on the hills and cliffs around the bay.